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Business (General) Degree & Programs



An Overview of General Business Degree
The Associate in Business degree in General Business enables students with the insight and skills considered mandatory to move ahead towards new milestone in career. There is a blend of business and other advanced subjects which provide an individual a chance to look for other careers as well.

What is an Associate in Business Degree in General Business?
A General Business degree is designed for those students who wish to attain a solid education in business. The degree also is used as an alternative for the professionals who desire to have an undergraduate program.

Required Courses to select.
Students interested in General Business degree may take the following courses:
Micro and Macro Economics
Business Law

However a degree in Business Administration vary depending on the college .Some of the most common areas of study are
Human Resources Management
Writing for Managers
Information Systems in Organizations
Principles of Microeconomics
Business Statistics
Introduction to Computer-Based Systems
Expository and Research Writing
Introduction to Business and Management
Information Literacy and Research Methods

Skills Attained
Students in a General Business degree program will get well equipped with many specialized skills that link to the business field. Some of the more important skills usually include:
Computer technology

Career Opportunities for a Bachelor of Business Administration
A General Business degree can provide students a firm base on the basics of business. This is a golden chance for graduates to seek for employment in several business fields such as accounting, finance, banking, auditors, etc.

The field of business will continue to grow in opportunities. In a Bachelors degree program in Business Administration, people learn the art of problem solving managerial skills for daily business issues. Graduates learn the application of basic business concepts and the ability to articulate business .The career opportunities are always there if you possess the ability to change and adapt yourself to the requirements of the market. A good candidate may possess the ability to be a team leader and business savvy. These skills will assist in dealing with people and to enhance your career as a business man.

The salary depends on the post in which an individual is employed. With a degree in General Business there are possibilities of employment in the following areas.
Purchase and sales Manager
Operations and loans Officer
Human Resource Assistant

Today's business degree programs offer a well-rounded education in the essential skills that can lead to a wide variety of careers. Whether you choose an associate or bachelor's degree in general business or business administration, online colleges provide training in fundamental techniques used in commerce, finance, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing. Coursework generally includes classes in accounting principles and practice, computer applications, business communications, banking, statistics, business law, and mathematics.


A General Business Education Provides Career Options

Associate degree programs in general business provide the educational background for students who eventually hope to complete a bachelor's degree in accounting, e-commerce, business administration, retail management, supply-chain administration, human resources, financial planning, or economics. By combining a general business degree with workplace experience, graduates can advance to senior positions within their companies. Those interested in top-level management can return to complete their master's degrees in business administration (MBA).



Quick Facts: Business

  • Advancement in business roles may be increasingly difficult for candidates who have not earned college degrees.

  • Undergraduate general business education programs offer options of earning associate degrees or professional certificates.

  • Business managers with career training in computer systems and software will have a distinct hiring edge.

  • Finding and retaining qualified employees is the principal concern of small business owners.





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