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Online Doctoral Degree Programs


Ready to take the ultimate step in career education? From public health to executive business administration, an online doctorate gives you the credentials you need to become an expert in your field, without requiring the financial and quality-of-life sacrifices of a traditional PhD program.


The Online PhD

Build your expertise and qualify for top jobs in government, academia and the nonprofit sector--all from the comfort of your home. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that doctorate holders earn nearly $74,000 per year on average.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs: An Overview
The doctoral degree, or PhD, is the most advanced degree in the academic world. People aim to avail this higher level of education but very few are successful in achieving it. Individuals having a master's degree and thinking to pursue their Doctoral Degree are often worried by the fact that they will not get appropriate time to attend classes at a university. But now one can take the advantage of the online programs offered by different universities. Even a PhD can now be achieved via online study program. Online programs at Doctoral levels are just great .These enable an individual to attain the higher level of education in any specific subject without attending the classes in a traditional method .In addition ,the flexible schedule offered by these programs are also a great advantage .One can continue the job at workplace and also avail the necessary education. However, Online programs are not offered in all subjects .There are some specific subjects in which online PhD programs are offered .Here is a list of available online PhD program that may fit your needs.

PhD in Psychology; Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
Individuals aiming to pursue a career in teaching or doing psychological research, may find it a suitable degree for them .Those interested in counseling, can pursue a career by opting for Doctor of Psychology degree.

PhD in Public Health; Doctor of Public Health (DPH)
By opting for a PhD in public health, people can achieve an advance research or administrative career in community health .This degree in Public Health degree is an appropriate one for those who possess extreme interest in public health policy.

PhD in Education; Doctor of Education (EdD)
If you are working in a school for a long while and also possess a masters degree in Education, here is a golden chance to avail a Doctorate in Education People in education field can seek a doctoral degree in Education to avail higher administrative levels. A PhD in education is quite suitable for building a bright career in higher academic teaching or administration.

PhD in Business; Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Individuals holding a degree in Business administration may enhance their career by seeking a Doctoral degree in Business .This will provide them an edge over the others .The PhD in business is a great opportunity to prepare for a career at higher levels of any organization.

Most doctoral students who enroll in online education in business spend three to four years pursuing this degree, and take a variety of courses:

  • Corporate finance

  • Taxation

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Privatization of business

  • International commerce, trade, and legislation

  • Multinational corporate environments

  • Global marketing strategy

Doctorate in Business Sets Candidates Apart in All Pursuits

Students pursuing their doctorate in business can also specialize in a specific subject area after completing their online education, making them a highly educated expert in their field. Many graduates of business doctorate programs seek careers as consultants at exclusive firms, vice presidential or presidential positions in large companies, or research and professorship positions at colleges and universities.




Quick Facts: Doctoral Program


Do I Need an Online PhD?

These top-quality, challenging degrees require a lot of commitment--and offer a lot of rewards. They are best for people who:

  • Aspire to careers at the top of their fields

  • Have developed solid communications and critical thinking skills

  • Are able to devote several years of study to their goals

  • Prefer a flexible class schedule

  • Are self-motivated, independent learners

  • Want to prepare for high-level, leadership positions

  • Are interested in careers in government, academia and the non-profit world


Who Might Need a PhD?

  • Anyone who is passionate enough about something to devote his/her career to it

  • Someone who wants to become a tenured college professor or university dean

  • Anyone who wants to become an expert and/or a consultant in his/her field

  • A government employee who wants to move up the career ladder

  • A nonprofit employee who aspires to run the organization




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    Facilities Management
    Financial Planning
    Forensic Accounting

    Human Resources

    Insurance & Risk Management

    International Business
    Labor Relations

    Management & Leadership

    Marketing & Advertising
    Office Administration
    Operations Management

   Organizational Psychology

    Project Management
    Public Relations
    Real Estate
    Retail & Sales
    Sports Management

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