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Associate Degree: Online Business Degree Programs

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Online Business Associates Degree Programs
Associate in Business, Associate of Science in Business Administration and Associate of Applied Science in Business Management are programs spanning around 2-year degree programs that can often be completed solely online. These degree programs specifically provide individuals with a variety of various opportunities available in business .These also allow students to concentrate on one specialize area such as management, marketing, labor relations or business communications.

Types of Online Business Associate's Degree
Online business associate's degrees encompass the Associate in Business, the Associate of Science in Business Administration and the Associate of Applied Science in Business Management. The business courses for an online Associate of Science in Business Administration or Associate in Business are structured in a way that these can be transferred to a 4-year college or university. Online courses in Associate of Applied Science programs may not be transferable.

The Associate of Science in Business Administration is also a more general degree with a broad business curriculum. The Associate of Applied Science in Business Management is more concentrated on management aspects of different types of businesses, including hotel management and small business management. The Associate in Business is a degree program structured typically for individuals who opt to accomplish a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Online Courses for Business Associate's Degree Programs
Students opting for an online associate's degree in business select the required general education courses which encompass subjects of composition, mathematics and economics, .These subjects can be changed in the next semester. There are some online courses that are not offered in every semester .Students have to select for electives subjects depending on their availability online. These may include

Sales Management Marketing
Small Business Management
Business Law and Ethics
Business Communications

Technical aspect of an Associate's Degree Program in Business Online
Online students are not required to join the campus however; they are required to complete an internship. Online business students must have the laptops and internet access to get hands on several class assignments and communicate with the instructor and fellow students.

Careers for Online Business Associate's Degree Graduates
Graduates who have possess an online associate's degree in business may pursue a 4-year degree from an on-campus or online university. Other graduates may select the workforce in entry-level sales, bookkeeping, auditing, business office administration and administrative services. With work experience, employees with 2-year degrees may seek career advancement to jobs in business

For students considering online educational options, an associate's degree in business might be a good place to start. An associate's degree in business is a solid foundation on which you can build your qualifications, either using the degree as immediate career training or as the springboard to a four-year degree.

People with college degrees generally earn more than those without college degrees. More specifically, a business degree has broad applications that can give you the kind of versatile career training you need in a changing job market. Business programs typically include course work in basic accounting principles, sales and marketing, management, administration, and more. These tools can serve you well anywhere from the buttoned-down world of banking to fields as diverse as sports and education. You can also learn how to organize tasks, handle investments, and create budgets--skills that you can find useful in your personal life as well.


Quick Facts: Business

  • Degrees Conferred (2003-2004): 307,149
  • Average length of degree program: 4 years
  • Top related career paths: Business Management, Administrative Services Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Typical courses you will take: Accounting, Computer applications, Economics, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, Statistics
  • Average income of a business school graduate: $35,000-55,000

Getting Down to Business with Education

A business degree will provide you with a great variety of educational experiences, resulting in greater career options. Learn basic accounting. Master computer applications. Read statistics critically. Study management theories, and develop your own informed management style. Work your way up the corporate ladder to management, or embark on the adventure of owning your own business. A lucrative choice, a business career can provide you with a sizable income and opportunities for expense-paid travel.


 Online Business Degrees
You can earn your college degree while at the comfort of your PC. Participate in classes at your own convenience by enrolling in one of the many accredited colleges and universities offering business degrees online. In an online program, you can use message boards, email, and instant messenger to communicate with professionals, students, and experts from all over the world. Various forms of financial aid are often available for deserving students. A business degree is a sound investment in your future, and online study gives you the circumstances in which to conveniently make it happen.



   Business (General)

   Business Administration

   Customer Service



    Facilities Management
    Financial Planning
    Forensic Accounting

    Human Resources

    Insurance & Risk Management

    International Business
    Labor Relations

    Management & Leadership

    Marketing & Advertising
    Office Administration
    Operations Management

   Organizational Psychology

    Project Management
    Public Relations
    Real Estate
    Retail & Sales
    Sports Management

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