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Aviation Mechanics & Technology Degree And Programs



Aviation Mechanics & Technology Degree and Programs
The Aviation Mechanics and Technology Degree and programs are structured to cater the need of academic and aviation requirements. .Individuals passionate and having an aptitude for mechanics may apply for a degree in Aviation Technology. Good communication skills and computer literacy are a plus. Here are few programs offered in Aviation mechanics and technology.

Associate in Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) Degree
The Associate in Aviation Electronic Technology degree enables students to gain knowledge and skills for the execution of the electronic equipments used in aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters. The curriculum encompasses topics such as communications systems, electronics, fuel systems and navigation systems. Aviation Electronic Technology associate degree programs typically take four semesters to complete and are offered at trade and technical schools.

Course Requirements
Courses depend on the institution. Below is the list of some of the topics included in the program. The curriculum is a blend of general education requirements, such as English, history and mathematics, with beginning and advanced technical courses in aviation, such as the role of air traffic controllers, the vocabulary of the aviation field and legal issues unique to the airline industry.

Legal Issues in Aviation Course
Students are taught about the laws for commercial pilot, aviation law, pilot rights and regulations, the history of aviation, the Air Commerce Act and government regulations.

Basics of Air Traffic Control Course
Students learn the basics of the aviation techniques and procedures used in the control tower and on aircraft during flight and landing. The use of radar and non-radar control systems and the Air Traffic Control System are concentrated more.

Physical Performance for Commercial Pilots Course
Commercial pilots are tested .The criteria include mental and emotional well-being and physical fitness, cockpit layout and configuration of controls. Students interested in a career as a commercial airline pilot or air traffic controller might go for a Bachelor of Science in Aviation, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology or Bachelor of Science in Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations. Online degree programs are also available for students.

Online Bachelor Degree Programs in Aviation
The curriculum in an online Aviation degree is the same however, students are required to complete four years bachelor's degree program. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates are also provided by some schools for an online program.
As with other online programs, an aspirant will need a computer with Internet access. Instructors blend traditional textbooks with current teaching technologies to teach. This includes online presentations and a course management system.

Aviation mechanics and technology programs train technicians to maintain the increasingly sophisticated aircraft and avionics equipment we rely on today. These applied career training programs focus on preventive maintenance and repair. Aspiring aviation mechanics learn to conduct the comprehensive battery of inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Aviation Career Training

Aviation mechanics learn their trade in specialized schools certified by the FAA. Most programs can be completed in as little as 18 to 24 months. For greater career advancement, some schools offer associate and bachelor's degrees in avionics, aviation technology, and aviation maintenance management. All of these programs cover the fundamentals of avionics equipment, emphasizing up-to-date technical training in aircraft computer systems, turbine engineers, composite materials, and aviation electronics. Upon completing the program, mechanics are eligible to seek FAA certification as an airframe or power plant mechanic.





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