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Bookkeeping Jobs: Good News if You're Good with Numbers

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Book Keeping Jobs
Bookkeeping however is about so much more than just balancing long columns of numbers. Successful and reputable bookkeepers should be able to perform the following tasks.

• Be well organized and task oriented

• Manage the financial activities of companies to make sure the finances are correctly projected .Sending and receiving of the payments are done accordingly.

• Prepare for competitive accounting services for the companies on daily basis.

• Provide services in generating, analyzing and filing financial reports.

• Tracking payments, sales, receipts and purchases done by the company.

• Suggest valuable ideas in cutting down extra expenditures of the enterprise. And seek new opportunities to expand its business.

• Maintain good customer relations. Whenever a book keeper is approached by the customers to address any issue with purchase orders, accounts receivable and accounts payable, the behavior towards the clients counts a lot for future concern. So it becomes very necessary for the bookkeepers to deal the customers wisely because it creates an impact on the customers’ relationship with the company and its future business.

With the advent of modern technologies in every field accounting has also experienced new changes. Now hand-written ledgers are out of business and other aspects of accounting have become digitalized. These changes have forced many small enterprises to confess that they have no need for a full-time bookkeeper rather they now need freelancers or part –timers who can work on part time basis for them.

This sounds bad for full-time bookkeepers, but seems to be good news for the enterprising people out there who want to perform from the privacy of their own home and perhaps have several bosses, instead of just one. Many free-lance bookkeepers seek they can work for a number of clients at the same time.

For some of the small enterprises, an ideal book keeper is one who comes into the office for about three hours every week and does the rest of the work from home .For them the notion of working for more than one client is an experience not any bad thing .It provides them more exposure to the experience of financial world and modern trade market..

A good bookkeeper is like a valuable treasure for any company. Timely work done is a professional approach .It is important to project a healthy image of the enterprise among the masses to show that the business is in sound health and well managed.

by Reena Nadler
Online Education Columnist

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks held more than 2 million jobs in 2004, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The large size of this occupation means that there should be many job opportunities each year. Many accredited online schools offer auditing and bookkeeping training that can get you started putting the numbers together for this finance career.


What Are Bookkeepers and Auditors?

Are you organized and good with numbers? Do you love keeping track of details and making sure things run smoothly? A career in bookkeeping or auditing could be the right one for you. Bookkeepers are an organization's financial record-keepers. Their tasks include:

  • Recording transactions

  • Preparing reports and summaries

  • Preparing bank deposits

  • Handling payroll

Auditors verify the records of transactions done by others. They check documents, postings, and figures to make sure that they are mathematically accurate and properly coded. Auditors will correct any errors they find along the way. The median annual earnings of bookkeepers and auditors are $28,570, according to the BLS.

Auditing and Bookkeeping Training Online

According to the BLS, it is increasingly important for bookkeeping and auditing professionals to have training beyond a high school degree. If you want to pursue a career in this promising field, you can get the training you need online. Many online schools offer distance learning degrees in this field. The many degree options include:

  • >Certificate, associate's, and bachelor's degrees in accounting

  • MBA in professional accounting

  • Certificate in bookkeeping

If you think bookkeeping or auditing could be the career for you, don't let your skills go to waste. A distance learning degree can give you all the training you need from the comfort of your own home.


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