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Science Degrees & Programs


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Certificate Program: Science Degree And Programs


Certificate Programs:

Science Degree and Programs Certificate programs in science are designed to provide students with instruction and specialization over a specific topic. Certificate programs are readily available in many fields in the discipline of science Including health care, Biology Course and computer science course.


Certificate Programs Overview

Certificate programs are specifically designed for those who wish to enhance their career. Certificates are offered at two main course levels .The first category of certificate level addresses the students who havenít accomplished a bachelor's degree program and the second category is for those students who hold an undergraduate degree. Programs for higher education are termed as Degree in Science certificate programs.


Certificate Program Requirements

The entry criteria varies from school to school for any certificate program .Most students who hold a high school diploma can qualify for getting admission in these certificate programs. Some schools may have required additional subjects to be taken such as basic math skills, English language skills and basic technology proficiency. The requirements for certificate programs also differ from schools, but the important thing is that it can be completed in less than one year on a full-time basis.


Biology Course

This certificate course program clarifies the concepts of Biology and various phenomenon of life. Certificate in biology encompasses phenomenon like reproduction, heredity and genetics, metabolism, proteins and immunity. This certificate course program requires conducting a detailed study of these topics. .


Computers Science

Today the world is changing quickly and computer has been inducted in each and every field. Online certificate in computer science enable the students to get a good know how of the computer related phenomenon such as databases, web development or security.


Health Care Certificate

On-line health care programs certificates are designed with flexible schedule to assist such individuals to maintain their busy schedule and at the same time advancing their education and expanding their career options. Many accredited online colleges offer various health care programs certificate as well as degrees in related areas of study of interest to those in the health care industry.


Graduate Certificate Program Requirements

Graduate certificates are structured for those students who already possess an undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Art of Bachelor of Science degree. Graduate certificates are offered in both professional and academic subject areas. Graduate certificates are not the same as a graduate degree program, but are designed for students to show their competencies in a specific area. These programs are shorter than graduate degree programs and can usually be completed in less than one year on a full-time basis. Examples of subject areas in which students can complete a graduate certificate include applied statistics, health communication, nursing studies and social work.



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