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Customer Service Degree And Programs



Customer Service Degree and Programs: An Overview
Customer service certificate programs appear to be more popular among the students than degree programs. With the help of these programs, students get enable to cultivate their communication, marketing, management information systems, personnel supervision and customer relations skills. The following courses are offered in Customer Service Degree Program.

Certificate of Completion in Customer Service
Certificate programs in customer service are structured provide the students with an assistance that would be quite beneficial in serving the customers. Certificate programs help students qualify for entry-level jobs in sales department. Students aiming to complete a certificate program in customer service, require a high school diploma or equivalent for admission in Certificate of Completion in Customer Service

Outline of the Course
Students can opt for the following courses that can assist them harness their customer relations and management skills.
• Conflict resolution
• Time management
• Behavioral styles
• Computer literacy
• Document processing

Associate of Applied Science in Customer Service
An Associate of Applied Science in Customer Service is an opportunity for enrolled students to seek the post in a workplace as customer service representatives. An associate's degree in customer service familiarizes the enrolled students with the innovative techniques utilized in customer service .As with the case in Certificate of Completion in Customer Service a high school diploma is required for entrance in this course.

Program Coursework
The following courses are taught in this degree program.
• Principles of customer care
• Communication
• Consumer objectives
• Marketing
• Employee management

Popular Career Options
Students completing their degree in customer service program may work under the title of the following posts.
• Sales clerk
• Administrative assistant
• Receptionist
• Bank teller
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Employment Outlook and Salary Information
Since the field of business is expanding rapidly, customer services in any organization, small or large, are expected to rise quickly in turn

Individuals working in customer service may be employed at different pay scale, depending on the industry in which they have been employed however; the median pay out for a customer service representative is recorded to be 31,790 per annum.

Information regarding Continuing Education
Customer service representatives may get employed while the training is in process by some employees. The time duration introduce the freshly employed personnel’s with the company's system of working and products. However, in some industries, license is required to work by an employee .For example insurance.

Nearly every business in the nation depends on customer service representatives to build and maintain relationships with their clients. The greatest number (an estimated 23 percent) of all customer service representatives work for banks and credit unions, insurance carriers and agencies, and brokerages. Online colleges offer career training programs with the customer in mind, providing education in telephone skills and manners, order-taking and billing practices, complaint resolution, and email etiquette.


Customer Service Training

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that customer service job entry requirements are increasing. Today, employers want more than a high school diploma; they are seeking candidates with career training and even associate and bachelor's degrees. Customer service reps need enhanced skills in operating telephone and computer systems, as well as increasingly complex knowledge in customer relationship management (CRM) software. For those entering procurement and order-fulfillment roles, many online colleges provide training in supply-chain, accounting, and order-tracking software.



Quick Facts: Business

  • Number of customer service representatives employed nationwide in 2006: 2.2 million

  • Estimated job growth through 2016: 25 percent (approx. 545,000 jobs)

  • Top 10 percent customer service salaries in 2006: $22+ an hour




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