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Science Degrees & Programs


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Diploma Program: Science Degree And Programs



Diploma Program in Science
Online science Diploma programs train students various subjects of science as well as social sciences. Prospective students must possess a high school diploma or equivalent to get enrolled in these programs. In addition, a payment of admission fee .Upon completion, participants can lead to Associate and Bachelor Degree Program as further studies.

• Online High School Diploma in Fire Science
Students with a High School Diploma in Fire Sciences are introduced with the basic level of education in the field Online Degrees in Fire Sciences are preferred by those professionals who can not consume their surplus time for conventional method of education and are more interested in earning their degree at their own place. The time span required to accomplish this diploma may take less than one year. An online High School Diploma in Fire Sciences enables students to work at any available entry level jobs in the field.

• Online Diploma in Veterinary Science
Veterinary Sciences is one of those online courses which enable students to compete in various fields. Online Veterinary Sciences are structured in a way that the students avail the advantage of these courses to higher extent and remain updated via latest courses and techniques.

There are dozens of courses regarding Veterinary Sciences that are arranged online by the respective universities throughout world. The eligibility for this program is the possession of an online diploma with a payment of the tuition fee which revolves around $4,000 to $15,000.The time duration to get complete is less than one year .Upon completion; it may lead to Associate and Bachelors Degree program.

• Online Diploma in Social Sciences
Social science is a broader term used to address a group of academic disciplines that examine the humanitarian aspect around the globe. It include various subjects like criminal justice, history , degree of security, Homeland Security, law, legal studies, law, political science, public administration, public safety and sociology.

Social sciences set itself apart from the arts and humanities in a way that they lead to the significance of utilizing various scientific methods in the humanities and also involve the quantitative and qualitative methods. Those students, who hold any Online Diploma, can qualify for the entrance in this program .It’s cost may range from $4,000 to $15,000 and may take less than twelve months to get completed. After availing this diploma, students can opt for further studies as Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Program in the related subject.

The Diploma in Science will prepare students for continuing education in science subjects at degree level and adopts the educational theory and philosophy we require at higher level.  The skills acquired through the Diploma in Science will be valuable for students, education and employers in the transfer between education and work.

The Diploma will appeal to and enthuse a new group of students.  It will offer practical experiences of how science works in the world and will encourage enquiry and critical thinking: skills that can be applied in future careers within science and other areas.  I believe students will enjoy and benefit from the close working relationships with employers.



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