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Online E-Commerce Degrees



Online E-Commerce Degree: An overview
Today when the world has turned into a global village, conducting business through the Internet is an innovative and unique way of expanding any business. It is exciting, challenging and at the same time more rewarding. You get more exposure to what’s happening around the world. An associate of e-commerce administration degree can assist an individual to prepare for such kind of business industry. Due to this reason, many people are taking this field seriously If you have a desire of assuming an exciting career in influencing e-Business opportunities by indulging into Internet existing business processes, this degree is for you and you must avail this opportunity without wasting your precious time . This degree allows individual to incorporate their availed skills in many other field.

Associate of E-Commerce Administration Online Degree programs allow you to earn a degree in your spare time with ease and convenience .It offers flexible schedule and other benefits, as compared to the traditional way of education. E-commerce administration associate degree programs online provides an individual with a sound knowledge of e-commerce .It also equips the aspirants with the expertise in the management of web, database and networking software. One can commence a new career in this field in just two years time.

Curriculum of E-Commerce Administration
E-commerce administration associate degree programs encompass several technical and business skills. E-Commerce associate degree curriculums usually focus on business mainly and also induct the use of technology. The course in this field may vary from topic to topic, however; some common course topics are as follows.

• HTML (beginning and intermediate)
• Internet programming
• Operating systems
• E-Commerce technology system design
• Business-to-business marketing
• Human/computer interaction

Flexible scenario enables the individuals to get hands on the latest computer technologies and web development or security. This really becomes quite handy in promoting business of any kind.

Salary Information related to E-Commerce
A survey regarding pay scales of different jobs reveals that the individuals holding an e-Commerce degree may earn a median pay around $50,000 annually. The pay scale may also differ from post to post and skills to skills.

Future of the E-Commerce Industry:
As more individuals are getting into this field, E-Commerce is said to be one of the rapidly expanding industries in the market. Opportunities will differ for many individuals, depending on educational qualifications and acquired technical skills. In addition, the experience gained, also counts as a surplus.

According to Forrester Research and USA Today, e-commerce netted $12.2 billion worth of sales in 2003. That's a booming industry. Want to get a piece of e-commerce's lucrative profits? Long for a cutting-edge career? Perhaps you should consider a career in e-commerce. Get your degree and start your own online business. Develop a specialization in online marketing. If e-commerce interests you, immerse yourself in the online experience: get the training you need by enrolling in one of the distance learning programs offered by the many accredited colleges and universities across the globe. 

Quick Facts: Business

  • Number of Jobs (2005): 507,000+

  • Average length of degree: 4 years

  • Top related career paths: Internet Specialist, Windows NT Systems Architect, Cross-Platform Security Specialist, Web Designer/Site Builder, Web Strategist, Technology Strategist

  • Typical courses you will take: Networking, Network Security, Media Experience, Introduction to E-commerce, Structure and Design, Visual Communications

  • Average income of e-commerce specialists: $50,000-60,000

Put the 'E' in E-commerce with Education

A degree in e-commerce will make you a generalist in online business, creating for you ample lucrative job prospects. You'll learn how to create safe and secure networks for businesses having an online presence. You'll become a Web master, designing and building Web sites. You'll become a Web and technology strategist, maximizing visits to your clients' sites. E-commerce is an exciting career choice on the cutting-edge of the business field.


Online E-commerce Degrees

You can get a degree in e-commerce anytime, anywhere. Many accredited colleges and universities offer degrees in e-commerce online. Through one of these programs, you easily can use technology to communicate internationally with people like yourself who are involved in e-commerce. Some programs offer credits for work experience, and many grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid are available. Learn the e-ropes early, and study online.




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