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Entrepreneurship Degree And Programs


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Entrepreneurship Degree and Programs: Overviews

Education in entrepreneurship encompasses a wide of subjects in finance, economics and marketing. It is not available at the undergraduate level, however the aspirants can attain a master's or doctoral degree.


Master's Degrees in Entrepreneurship

A master's degree program in entrepreneurship is followed through a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.It prepares students to higher level concepts in the management and operational activities of new business ventures. Students aiming to attain an entrepreneurship master's degree get introduced to financing new business ventures, at the same time developing insight about i revenue influxes from innovative ideas. It also incorporates submission of a research treatise supervised by a faculty member with an attainment of 3.0 GPA


Doctoral Degrees in Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship doctorate incorporates variety of subjects such as sociology, psychology and economics. The size of the classes is small and students can attain the doctoral degree in 3 to 5 years .Submission of a research based dissertation is a must as in all doctoral programs.


Education Requirement for a Master Program in Entrepreneurship

The individuals must be equipped with a bachelor's degree in business, engineering or another technical field in order to qualify for Master's Degrees in Entrepreneurship. On the other hand individuals attaining bachelorís degrees in the subjects such as liberal arts or social sciences can also opt for graduate entrepreneurship education by concentrating undergraduate coursework on subjects in business, finance and mathematics. The application process for admission into an entrepreneurship graduate program usually demands students to present their GRE scores.


Education Prerequisites for a doctoral program in Entrepreneurship

Possession of a bachelorís degree is a compulsion for starting an entrepreneurship doctoral program. Admission to doctoral programs in entrepreneurship involves possession of graduate and professional degrees, submission of the GRE scores, and a face-to-face interview with the admission counselors.


Program Coursework in Masters Program in Entrepreneurship

A masterís program in entrepreneurship includes classes in the following:


Strategic management

Entrepreneurial finance

Managing emerging enterprises

Organizational behavior


Program Coursework in Doctoral program in Entrepreneurship

Doctoral programs in entrepreneurship include the following courses, based on intensive study.


  • Multivariate statistics

  • Venture capital

  • Data analysis

  • Psychological foundations in entrepreneurship

  • Business pedagogy


Career Options in Entrepreneurship

Graduates with a master's degree in entrepreneurship can qualify to work in several areas of business industry. They can work under the following job titles.


Operations manager


Account executive

Human resource manager

Business innovator


The Doctoral program in Entrepreneurship enables the students to teach at higher secondary levels .They can also set up their career in business-industry

Entrepreneurship--from the French word entreprend (to undertake)--means starting a business in today's fast-moving global workplace. Unlike typical small businesses, entrepreneurship plays with higher stakes when it comes to starting a venture, including initial capital, business risks, and ultimate profits. You'll find college programs from associate to the master's degree levels that provide career training for emerging entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship Training and You

When you invest in an entrepreneurship degree, you'll study accounting, generation of capital, business-plan development, human-resource management, business law, and other specialized topics. Many people who already have college degrees and business experience choose to enroll in online MBA degree programs to learn entrepreneurship. Others enroll in entrepreneurship career training classes before assuming the helm of an existing family business. Entrepreneurs may already be inventors, craftsperson's, franchise owners, business consultants, manufacturers, and wholesalers.


Quick Facts: Business

  • Since 1980, an estimated 95 percent of American wealth has been created by entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs often have backgrounds in accounting, marketing, sales, computer science, or business development

  • The Small Business Administration offers extensive tips on financing a start-up business

  • Small business loans are made based on the purpose of the loan, financial statements, expenses, predicted earnings, and cash flow



   Business (General)

   Business Administration

   Customer Service



    Facilities Management
    Financial Planning
    Forensic Accounting

    Human Resources

    Insurance & Risk Management

    International Business
    Labor Relations

    Management & Leadership

    Marketing & Advertising
    Office Administration
    Operations Management

   Organizational Psychology

    Project Management
    Public Relations
    Real Estate
    Retail & Sales
    Sports Management

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