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Environmental Science Degree And Programs


Environmental Science and Degrees Programs
Environmental science is a wide field that involves studying variety of different topics such as ecology, law and economics. Here is a list of common Coursework offered in Environmental Science.

Introduction to Ecology Course
Ecology tells us how living things interact and behave with their habitat. The environmental science field treats Ecology as an integral part of it. This is an introductory course which assists the students to get information regarding topics such as populations, ecosystem and climate etc.

Wildlife Ecology Course
Wildlife courses study the overview of the major groups of animals, including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. It helps students to research about the challenge of balancing human development and land use with the need to preserve biodiversity. It also requires fieldwork and research about wildlife habitats, distribution and management.

Water and the Environment Course
This course provides an understanding of the hydrologic cycle and its relationship with the climate. It also studies the specific water issues which involves future management and allocation, drought and water quality.

Environmental Geology Course
This course focuses on the basic information on the rocks and minerals that comprises the Earth‘s crust .It also provides knowledge related to the causes of climate change and Global warming It also supported by labs and field trips for student research.

Climate and the Atmosphere Course
An environmental science student attains knowledge about the atmospheric layer, cycles of atmospheric change, energy transfers between the atmosphere and oceans, the atmospheric changes initiated by humans and its impact upon ecosystems.

Pathways to Sustainability Course
In this course, students are introduced to one of the most important parts of environmental science. It is a merger of the disciplines of ecology, social justice and economics. It endeavors to strike a level between human development and preservation of the environment for future generations. Undergraduate and graduate programs in sustainability visualize the core issues such as greenhouse gases ,climate change, mass consumption and transportation etc. It also studies the social aspects of hunger, poverty etc At the same time ,it seeks pro-environmental solutions that include solar energy, construction and sustainable land use planning etc.

Environmental Laws and Policies Course
This Course helps students to attain an insight about the environmental policies .By studying this course; they are able to research how rules and regulations came into formation .The Environmental Impact Assessment procedures and specific laws supervising water and air pollution, land use and hazardous waste.

Amid rising concerns about global warming and sustainability, environmental scientists are modern-day heroes--and thanks to our poor stewardship of the planet, they can look forward to a 25 percent increase in employment through 2016. Increased government funding and broader environmental regulations are fueling unprecedented demand for environmental scientists. Hydrologists are in particular demand, to remediate contaminated ground water and implement flood control measures.



Career Training in Environmental Science

A bachelor's degree in earth science offers sufficient preparation for many entry-level positions. But employers increasingly seek applicants with a master's degree in environmental science, hydrology, or a related discipline. Bachelor's degree programs cover data analysis and physical geography, with a focus on pollution control and water resources or ecosystem protection. Master's degrees permit greater specialization in areas such as hydrology, hazardous waste management, environmental legislation, chemistry, fluid mechanics, and geologic data collection.




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