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Facilities Management Degree And Programs

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Facilities Management Degree and Programs
Facilities management course involve planning and managing different projects as well as successful coordination among the people involved in the projects. Mostly, courses in facilities management are offered via certificate programs or as standalone courses. However, several schools also offer associate's through master's degrees in technology that may focus on facilities management and offer such classes. The following courses are offered in Facilities Management Courses.

Project Management and Supervision Course
The Project Management and Supervision Course provide the students with an intensive study of the important aspects of an organization which are considered necessary for a successful management.

The sole responsibilities of a person tasked as a facilities manager include planning and construction, problem solving, budget planning, running large projects, and increasing productivity, developing teams, motivating employees, and more. This course encompasses these areas .At the same time; it retrieves students about new techniques to strengthen their communication and leadership abilities. Upon completion, those enrolled better understand the role of facilities management workers and how they fit in with the overall organizational structure of a corporation.

Design and Space Planning Course
In Design and Space Planning Course, students are taught to understand the procedural development so as to facilitate the execution of any program. In this regard, formulation of new design strategies for any project is also enhanced in this course .Facilities management employee have a huge responsibility to be well aware of the materials and energy being utilized in any project .Issues such as mechanical and plumbing, light and air quality, water efficiency and aesthetic trends of furniture and decoration also come under their supervision.

Operations and Maintenance Course
It is must for any individual studying project management, that he /she students must also avail a good insight about organizational operations. In this course, they get a detailed study related to physical and monetary aspects in facilities management, such as interiors and exteriors, building structure and building grounds. This also includes several procedures of managing cost, budget planning, equipment and creating a maintenance plan.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Course
In this course, students are taught about the working of air-distribution systems in the building. The participants of this course learn to structure and implement the HVAC systems and this training enables them to maintain the indoor air quality. This course involves lecturing method and laboratory learning .The students are able to work upon their problem-solving skills by accomplishing the course.

Facilities managers hold key responsibilities in the planning, development, and management of company grounds, buildings, and surrounding environments. To work efficiently, they must have a broad education in project management, facilities planning, finance, technology, architectural studies, real estate, and human resource management. In short, they wear many hats in ensuring safety, security, and facilities productivity.


Facilities Management Career Training

Undergraduate degrees in management are the norm in the profession, but certification classes or post-graduate management training can qualify existing personnel for advancement to facilities management posts. Classes may include training in federal and state occupational safety rules and regulations. According to the Department of Labor, many businesses are turning to trained facilities managers to help streamline spiraling operating costs. Many openings will come from positions vacated by retirees and managers who move on to other roles within the organization.



Quick Facts: Business

  • Typical degrees held by facilities managers in 2006:

    • Construction management

    • Engineering

    • Business administration

    • Facility management

  • Total number of administrative services managers in America in 2006: 247,000

  • The Department of Labor predicts a strong demand for facilities managers
  • Facilities management jobs cross all sectors of the economy: manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, education, federal, state, and local government


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