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Online Finance Degree


Jobs utilizing a finance degree are predicted to increase at a rate faster than average, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Become a financial analyst or a personal financial advisor or land a position as a sales agent in securities, commodities, and financial services. You could also work as an internal auditor. You can launch a promising career in finance from the comfort of your own home office. Get your finance degree at one of the many accredited colleges and universities offering business degrees online.


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Online Finance Degree Program Overviews
Finance is the combination of art and science which involve controlling wealth .Online Bachelorís and PhD programs are a unique opportunity to know about the major functions in the finance sector of businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. The bachelor's degree in finance provides a platform for careers in banking, investing and financial advising.

Online Bachelor's Degree in Finance: An Overview
A Bachelor's degree program in finance examines various wealth management plans. These programs concentrate on corporate finance, banking and risk management, investments and portfolio management.

Program Requirements
Online bachelor's degree programs in finance spans around 4-years of study. In an online finance bachelor's degree program, students avail the chance to interact with fellow mates and their tutors via internet so access to internet is a compulsion in this regard.

Well known Online Finance Bachelor's Degree Courses
Students in an online bachelor's degree program in finance learn to calculate risk, pass sound judgment and take decision on funds studying the following courses.

Business Finance Course
In a business finance course, students learn about the role of a financial manager in a business in dealing with financial resources, including debt, equity, and assets.

Investments Course
Investments course reviews at stocks, bonds and securities, and students are taught the role of funds in any business.

Financial Analysis Course
Students learn to evaluate financial resources to retrieve risk in both long-term and short-term funding.

Career Information for Graduates in Finance
The students with an online bachelor's degree program in finance may get employed in the fields of financial analysis, investment and financial management, the corporate, non-profit and government sectors.

Online Finance Ph.D. Degree Program Overviews
Aspirants who wish to complete their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Finance can learn various aspects of finance. Doctoral finance students examine the financial markets and institutions. With a firm foundation in statistics and research procedures, students are able to calculate risk factor in any business .and foresee future economic prospects

For admission in online Ph.D. programs in finance, some schools demand individuals to possess a master's degree in business with an interest in mathematics, however; some schools allow bachelor's degree holders as well. The total duration in Online Ph.D. programs is about 2-5 years. As with all online programs, Online Ph.D. also demands students to have easy access to a computer and an Internet connection.

Popular Online Finance Courses
Ph.D. students in finance are required to avail at least one course in research methodology so that they cultivate their skills:

Managing Corporate Finances Course
Students are taught about various strategies for fund capital rising in a financial scenario.

Investment Portfolio Management Course
In this course students are taught different aspects in investment opportunities and risk management.

International Business Financial Management Course
This course enables the individuals with the information regarding tax laws, legal constraints on businesses, foreign exchange rates and cultural differences.

Career Information for Graduates with a Ph.D. in Finance
Individuals holding a Ph.D. in finance may be tasked to work in colleges, universities or research institutions where they work under the title posts of professors, business consultants or academic researchers.


Quick Facts: Business

  • Number of Jobs (2005): 1,000,000+

  • Average length of degree: 4 years

  • Top related career paths: Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Financial Consultant

  • Typical courses you will take: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Financial Markets and Institutions, Managerial Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Cases and Modeling

  • Average income of finance specialists: $60,000-80,000

Advance Finance

Get your degree in finance, and embark on a very lucrative career with many job prospects. Learn accounting and how to prepare financial reports. Understand the economy by studying financial markets and financial institutions. Groom yourself for management with related coursework. Become a pro at investment portfolios.


Online Finance Degrees

Benefit from maximum flexibility. Earn your degree in finance online at one of the many accredited institutions offering business degrees online. Through message boards, emails, and instant messaging, you can hob-knob with international movers and shakers in the world of finance. Some schools might give you credits for work experience, and online education is often funded by grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid. If money makes the world go 'round, then with a degree in finance you can be a part of what makes things spin. To keep your head from spinning, enjoy the ease of online learning.



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