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Forensic Accounting Degree And Programs



Forensic Accounting and Degree Program
An Associate of Forensic Accounting degree program enables the aspirants to incorporate the financial data for the purpose of investigation against crimes and detect the culprits at the same time, protecting against financial wrong activities by securing accounting and auditing systems. Here is an overview of Associate of Forensic Accounting Degree Program.

The duration of accomplishment of these degree programs usually span around two years. Students, who qualified as Associate of Forensic Accounting, may start their jobs in the field of forensic accounting. Many firms are hiring Forensic accountants so the future looks bright for these individuals. They can even pursue a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, accounting or a related field at a 4-year college or university as further studies. Skills Obtained in Forensic accounting

The Individuals in associate degree programs in Forensic Accounting are provided with introduction of significant topics in economics and math while in-depth knowledge in Accounting is provided as a strong base. Several investigative techniques and legal issues associated with financial crime are also taught to the aspirants of Forensic Accounting Associate Degree. Students also learn how to use computer records to trace the fraud with set up specialized accounting systems, thus preventing financial corruption and abuses .It also assist the students to perform internal and external audits.

Required Courses in Forensic Accounting
Required courses in a 2-year Forensic Accounting degree program might include variations of the following:

Spreadsheets and Databases
Microeconomics or Macroeconomics
Statistical Concepts
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Principles of Finance
Corporate Governance and Assessment
Organizational Audit Procedures
Fraud Examination
White Collar Fraud
Legal Elements of Fraud
Internet for Investigation
Asset Recovery

Forensic accounting field a rewarding career.
The White collar corruption causes billions of dollars loss on annual basis to the US economy, as stated by FBI. This huge loss has enhanced the need for forensic accountants and associated professionals with the field of forensic accounting. So many companies have decided to appoint Forensic accountants to detect and identify any such crime in order to protect their firm from huge losses. Few Firms have succeeded in this task by taking the right decision and correct time. At the moment approximately 40 % of the top US accounting firms have expanded their forensic accounting departments, creating now jobs of the degree holders. An associate degree in Forensic Accounting can be an ideal first step towards this rewarding, high-paying career.

Forensic accountants are employed by accounting firms and government agencies to provide critical evidence and testimony in tax or economic crime investigations, corporate audits, corporate merger/acquisition cases, and in homeland security. Forensic accounting has been called one of the nation's "ten hottest jobs," with earning potential in the six figures.


Investigating Forensic Accounting

The passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002 has boosted employment of forensic accountants as companies face new, stringent requirements for financial reporting and compliance. Most recruiters in the field will require job candidates to hold at least a bachelor's degree in accounting. Public accountants can pursue additional education to qualify as white-collar-crime investigators. Forensic accounting training may include coursework in investigative techniques and legal terminology.



Quick Facts: Business

  • Projected job growth for forensic accountants: Faster than average

  • Projected job growth for all accountants: 18 percent

  • The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners offers tests leading to Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designations for forensics accountants.

  • Number of states requiring 150 semester hours of training for CPAs: 42.



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