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Online Human Resources (HR) Degrees



Online Human Resources (HR) Degrees: An Overview
The discipline of human resources (HR) offers various programs at several levels, from certificates to bachelor's and master's degree programs. Some universities and colleges also arrange online human resources programs. These online programs are designed to meet the needs of the working individuals to continue their education further ahead without wasting their time and enhancing their skills.

Online Human Resources Certificate Programs
Below is an overview of Online Human Resources Certificate Programs. These programs in human resources are offered at the graduate level and possess more flexible schedule and enable students to construct their skills in the HR field.

Program Requirements and Information
The requirement for most of the schools in online human resource certificate programs is the know how of communications and marketing techniques and may range from 5 to 10 courses. In online programs, discussion and communication is via online with their fellow students and instructors.

Some of the well known online certificate-level HR courses are
• Organizational Psychology and Behavior Course
• Issues of Law and Ethics Course
• HR Management Course

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Human Resources
A bachelor's degree is an online program which involves several years to complete, however; if an individual possess an associate's degree in a business or HR area, the time of accomplishment shortens to four years. The curriculum encompasses issues to build comprehension among students the relationship between employees and employers and it also highlights the legal aspect of business.

Program Requirements and Information
The minimum time to accomplish this degree is 60 credit hours for core subjects. There are other elective courses which students have to opt along with these major ones.

Required courses in an Online Bachelor’s in HR are accounting, communications, marketing, employee training, Bargaining and Labor Relations Course, Communication Course etc.

Online Master's Degree Programs in Human Resources
Online Master’s in HR-related courses and training programs in human resources enable students to accomplish their degrees at their own workplace however require the attainment to be within a set period of time.

Program Requirements and Information
The requirement for the Online Master’s program is a bachelor's degree .These programs arrange thesis and projects related to HR, where students can practice to implement their learned theories and information . Access to Internet connections is a must in any online program. In this course, a PDF reader and multimedia may be required to get hands on course information.

Online Master's-Level HR Courses

• Employment Law Course
• Workplace Diversity Course
• Training Assessment Course

Career Information related to Online Degrees in HR
• Individuals with certificates in human resources may be tasked to work in small or large business organizations.
• Individuals with bachelor's degrees in business and human resources may seek jobs in the recruitment, management and training positions.
• Individuals with master's degrees in human resources may be employed in HR departments. They can also work as businesses consultants.

Jobs in human resources (HR) are projected to grow at a rate faster than average, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. With an HR degree, you might work as an employment and placement manager. You might take a position as an equal employment opportunity officer or affirmative action coordinator. Get qualified to embark on a promising career while avoiding a daily commute to campus. Enroll in a distance learning program at one of the many accredited colleges and universities around the world offering online human resources educational opportunities.




Quick Facts: Business

  • Number of Jobs (2005): 820,000+

  • Average length of degree: 4 years

  • Top related career paths: Director of Human Resources, Employment and Placement Manager, Recruiter, EEO Officer, Affirmative Action Coordinator, Employer Relations Representative

  • Typical courses you will take: Labor Relations, Staffing Under the Law, HR Policy and Procedure Writing, Personnel Interviewing, Benefits/Non-Monetary Compensation, Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace

  • Average income of human resource professionals: $66,500

Education Is a Valuable Resource

Earn your human resources degree, and set yourself up for a well-paid career with plentiful employment opportunities. Learn about fair labor and hiring practices. Become an expert on the hot issue of benefits by studying organizational benefits and perks. Get the inside scoop on interviewing with coursework on personnel interviewing.


Online HR Degrees

Study online at your convenience anytime night or day. You can earn your human resources degree at one of the many accredited institutions offering business degrees online, maximizing your efficiency. Take advantage of message boards, emails, and instant messaging to make important contacts with human resources professionals around the world. With online education, you can often receive credit for any work experience you may have, and you might also be eligible for financial aid. Studying human resources is a smart career move. Utilizing the convenience of technology to get your human resources degree is, well, resourceful.





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