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Insurance & Risk Management Degree And Programs


Are you interested in finance--but not in investment banking? Consider a career in insurance and risk management. Risk management involves analyzing situations, determining possible outcomes, and managing the risk involved to reduce costs and maximize profits. Most people come in with a college degree in business or a related field, but many companies also hire graduates with a general liberal arts background and give them in-depth on the job training.


Your Insurance and Risk Management Career

For long-term advancement, many professionals find that a graduate degree, such as an MBA, is indispensable. As an insurance and risk management specialist, you can pursue a career as an actuary, underwriter, or claims adjuster. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best areas of insurance to pursue are in the medical and financial services fields, as many other areas have declined due to growth in direct mail, off-shoring, and Internet sales.

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Insurance and Risk Management Degree Programs

Online Bachelor's Degree in Insurance and Risk Management
Those aiming to have a career in insurance and risk management can attain a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts online. An online bachelor's degree in insurance and risk management merges the basic parts of business education with more specified topics on insurance and risk. Students learn in-depth knowledge about different types of insurance, such as health insurance and life insurance, and various categories of business risk. A master's degree in insurance and risk management prepares graduates with more higher level expertise in insurance issues, and other related issues .Students availing online master's degrees in insurance and risk management typically may go for further studies either in a Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) category.

Program Information and Requirements
Students are required to avail only one class at a time in some institutes .Some of the institutes allows them to take different classes at the same time. Access to high-speed Internet, microphone and Web camera are must so that students possess the skills to retrieve relevant education content. Program Information and Requirements
Master's degree programs in insurance and risk management can be accomplished in two years time span.

Popular Bachelorís Level Insurance and Risk Management Courses

Management and Organization Course
By opting for this course on management and organization, students are able to review their interpersonal relationships in the workplace. The aspects of Team building and group communication are considered necessary for any competent labor.

Financial Planning Course
This course familiarizes the students with the financial services industry. Students are able to comprehend the significance of a sound financial plan for any organization.

Risk Management and Insurance Course
This course introduces several types of risk to a commercial or private property It also aims to deliver an understanding of sources of risk involved in businesses.

Popular Masterís-Level Insurance and Risk Management Courses

Financial Conditions Course
The financial conditions course examines the financial health of a business with the help of statistics and calculus.

Risk Management Decisions Course
In this course major emphasis is on figuring out the risk factor involved in any deal and making sound decisions controlling financial risks.

Employee Benefits Course
This course enables students to build an understanding of the types of insurance, pensions and other benefits employers offer their employees. Students retrieve information about the legal obligations of employers and tax related issues.

Career Information for Graduates in Insurance
Graduates of bachelor's and master's degree programs can work in their respective workplace. A master's degree will obviously get more preference in the hiring process.


Quick Facts: Business

  • Degrees Conferred (2003-2004): 307,149

  • Average length of degree program: 4 years

  • Top related career paths: Business Management, Administrative Services Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Typical courses you will take: Accounting, Computer applications, Economics, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, Statistics

  • Average income of a business school graduate: $35,000-55,000


Getting Down to Business with Education

A business degree will provide you with a great variety of educational experiences, resulting in greater career options. Learn basic accounting. Master computer applications. Read statistics critically. Study management theories, and develop your own informed management style. Work your way up the corporate ladder to management, or embark on the adventure of owning your own business. A lucrative choice, a business career can provide you with a sizable income and opportunities for expense-paid travel.


Online Business Degrees
You can earn your college degree while at the comfort of your PC. Participate in classes at your own convenience by enrolling in one of the many accredited colleges and universities offering business degrees online. In an online program, you can use message boards, email, and instant messenger to communicate with professionals, students, and experts from all over the world. Various forms of financial aid are often available for deserving students. A business degree is a sound investment in your future, and online study gives you the circumstances in which to conveniently make it happen.



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