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Online International Business Degrees


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International Business Degrees and Programs
International business courses and classes enable students to acquire the required knowledge and tools to work and participate in the global business market by operating and managing multinational business companies. International business courses are primarily offered at universities as part of their undergraduate or graduate business curriculum.

Here is a list of International Business Courses and Classes

List of Popular International Business Courses and Classes

International Business Course
Students enrolled in an international business course are taught about the basics of foreign business markets. The course encompasses the norms of international market.

International Finance Course
An international finance course for business students concentrates on the money market at global level.. Students acquired the knowledge related to banking, international rate exchange, environmental factors that effect international business finances and funding along with the history of the development of foreign economies.

Global Business Administration Course
This course focuses on the legal, political, economical and cultural aspects of international business operations and management. Students are introduced to various human resources, management, strategic entry and production methods.

Cultural Issues in International Business Course
Students examine several ways to execute and manage businesses in different countries with different cultures. The course concentrates on implementing similarity in style of management, applicable to as a whole without possessing a threat to any foreign cultures.

International Marketing Course
Students study various economies and markets around the world such as business customs, multinational businesses and foreign trade practices. Students also examine different foreign business environments with diverse cultural values, economic developments and political impacts on foreign businesses in different parts of the world. The course enables students to get acquainted with information on how to market products to international countries.

International Accounting Course
In this course students are provided with an exercise with accounting skills and international business management. The course focuses several accounting problems in foreign countries and how these problems counter affect international business practices.

International Trade Course
In an International Trade Course, students are taught how to import and export products in foreign countries. They learn shipping insurance, credit insurance, financing arrangements, terms of sale and payment. An international trade course is a worthy exercise that enables the students to execute global trade activities and foreign operations.

Business Globalization Course
In a globalization business course, students learn about the effects of the business corporations in different countries while discussing the impact of globalization over businesses.

According to the WTO, world trade continues to expand, with 2004 seeing over $8.9 trillion in international trade. Earn your international business degree, and you'll have a chance to participate as a major player in the global economy. Many career opportunities in international business exist, with corporate positions ranging from marketing consultant to director of international affairs. You can start your traveling while gaining your degree: Enroll in a distance learning program offered from one of the many participating accredited colleges and universities.


Quick Facts: Business

  • Number of Jobs (2004): 650,000+

  • Average length of degree: 4 years

  • Top related career paths: Business Strategy Consultant, Managing Consultant, Finance Advisor, Foreign Market Analyst

  • Typical courses you will take: Survey of International Business, International Marketing, Export/Import Practices, International Law, Foreign Market Analysis

  • Average income of international business professionals: $63,500

Get an Abroad Education

Earn your international business degree, and join the business-class jet-set. Learn about global business. Become an expert on the global market. Get your degree, and become knowledgeable about various export/import practices. Study how laws differ across countries, and develop a deeply informed opinion on the international market.


Online International Business Degrees

Earn your international business degree from the ease of your PC by studying at one of the many accredited schools offering international business degrees online. Online study encourages you to make meetings with international business professionals around the globe via message boards, email, and instant messaging. No matter where you're living, you'll work with the on-campus faculty of your chosen school because they're the same professors who teach the online courses--or you'll work with online education professionals.

Want financial aid? As an online student, you're eligible for the same aid as any other student. Earning your international business degree increases your eligibility for many exciting positions abroad.




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