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Labor Relations Degree Programs



Labor Relations: Degree and Program Overviews
Labor Studies is a term used to refer to degree programs in labor relations. Many of these programs are a combination of online and on-campus coursework.

• Associate Degree in Labor Relations
Labor relations associate degree programs enable individuals with the know how of labor-management issues.

• Bachelor's Degree in Labor Relations
Labor relations bachelor's degree programs focus on coordination between workers, unions and management.

• Master's Degree in Labor Relations
Master's degree programs emphasize on areas such as community and labor issues, labor market public policy, diversity and workplace governance.

Program Requirements
Associate degree coursework equips individuals with the coordination between workers, employers and labor unions. Associate online degree programs in labor relations span around 60 credits and students study a combination of general education and major courses. Students interact during assignments and other matters with fellow classmates and tutors via internet.

Courses offered in Associate-in Labor Relations

• Societal Impact of Labor Course
This course examines the role of organized labor in the development of social policies.

• Labor History Course
This course laments on the history of the labor movement, from its origin to the current.

• Labor Law Course
This course highlights the background on federal labor relations and rules and regulations.

Bachelor's and Master’s Level Labor Relations Coursework
Bachelor‘s Degree programs in labor relations encompass the topics such as employers and employees in more details. Here is a list of courses offered in Bachelor’s degree in Labor relations.

• Contemporary Labor Problems Course
• Union Organizing Course
• Grievance Procedures Representation Course
• Collective Bargaining Course

Master's degree programs covering labor relations focus and emphasize on global, technological, political and social matters affecting the coordination between employers and their employees. In Masters Program, the following major courses are offered.

Comparative Labor Movements Course
Students in this course learn the interactions of union with political organizations and other related issues.

Labor and the Global Workplace Course
In this course students study the influence of globalization on labor and unions, trade agreements etc.

Career in Labor relations
Students holding a degree programs in labor relations are equipped with the necessary skills of human resources. They can be employed in any position, such as labor relations or employee benefit managers etc .More advanced degree in labor relation will employ an individual on higher post. They can also work as mediators or contract negotiators and use their arbitrary skills.

Do you love to negotiate? Labor relations might be just the specialty for you. People who work in labor relations compile information for bargaining discussions, deal with employee grievances, and act as mediators during inter- or intra-workplace disputes. They also often negotiate employee contracts, so they must constantly keep up-to-date about trends in their own industry and labor standards across the board.


Labor Relations Training

Since the career calls for such a diverse set of skills, there are no specific educational requirements. Although a college degree is almost always a prerequisite, desired fields of study range from industrial psychology or labor relations to advanced degrees such as an MBA or a JD. There is also great workplace diversity: you can choose to work in the human resources department of a large firm, represent a labor union, or even just strike out on your own as a consultant. Your career path is up to you.



Quick Facts: Business

  • In 2006, nearly every industry employed labor relations managers

  • Starting salary for college graduates in 2007: $41,680

  • Median wage in 2006: $52,270

  • Top 10% salary: $90,000




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