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Retail & Sales Degree And Programs




If you like interacting with people more than sitting in a cubicle, consider a career in retail and sales. In this field, you must be very knowledgeable about your product and be able to make it attractive to customers. If being on the floor of a store sounds unappealing, consider working in wholesale. As a wholesaler, you sell a set of products to retailers, so you have to be very aware of your competition.




Seeking a Sales Career

Most entry-level positions do not require a college degree. The only exception to that is in science and technology, where many employers want to hire salespeople with a strong science background so that they better understand the function of the product they are selling. In certain areas you can also get a professional certification, which is a great way to distinguish yourself from your colleagues and position yourself to enter a managerial role. In terms of job prospects, retail has an especially high turnover, so the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there are many openings in the field.



Quick Facts: Business

  • Median annual wages:

    • $17,742 in clothing

    • $38,896 in auto sales

    • $64,440 in wholesale technology

  • Best paying industry (wholesale, not science or technology): Finance

  • Work hours: Often evenings & weekends



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    Marketing & Advertising
    Office Administration
    Operations Management

   Organizational Psychology

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    Real Estate
    Retail & Sales
    Sports Management

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